The excitement surrounding the UGA Football program’s start to the season is as high as it has been in recent memory.

The team’s success would not, however, be possible without your support in the stands and through your contributions to the William C. Hartman, Jr. Fund.

  1. SEC Championship Game Priority Point cutoff and ticket request deadline

The Georgia Bulldog Club is offering fans the opportunity to add onto your 2017 Hartman Fund giving total in order to help better position yourself for ticket requests and allocations, in the event the Dawgs qualify for the SEC Championship Game and any subsequent bowl game ticket requests and allocations. If UGA Football were to qualify for the SEC Championship Game, UGA Athletics will have approximately 12,000 tickets available for purchase via the UGA Athletics Ticket Office. Due to an anticipated high demand and limited supply, 2017 Hartman Fund donors or Magill Society Members who meet the parameters below will be eligible to request SEC Championship Game tickets as follows*:

Priority Points 2017 Hartman Fund Gift OR Magill Society Commitment SEC Ticket Limit Bowl Ticket Limit
30,000 & Up $10,000 & Up   $100,000 & Up 6 6
30,000 & Up $5,000–$9,999   $50,000–$99,999 4 4
30,000 & Up $1,100–$4,999   $25,000–$49,999 2 2
20,000–29,999 $1,100 & Up   2 2
550–19,999 $550–$1,099   0 2 (if available)

* Your 2017 Hartman Fund Gift or your 2017 Magill Society Gift Amount, whichever amount is greater as depicted in the chart, will determine your ticket allocation limit. Your seating location will be allocated based on your cumulative priority points total. Please feel free to contact The Georgia Bulldog Club at 866-GA-DAWGS if you have any questions about your 2017 Hartman Fund giving and/or the Magill Society in order to better position yourself for ticket allocations.

In the event the Dawgs qualify for the SEC Championship Game, the priority points cutoff deadline will coincide with the ticket request deadline, which is November 16th. Fulfilled ticket requests will incur credit card charge shortly thereafter the request deadline and tickets will be allocated based on priority point rankings. SEC Championship Game club level tickets are priced at $275 per ticket whereas Reserved Seating tickets in the stands are priced at $120 per ticket.

Fans are eligible to add onto one’s 2017 Hartman Fund annual giving level in order to best position yourself for postseason ticket opportunities by calling The Georgia Bulldog Club Office at 877-GA-DAWGS. Donors are also encouraged to consider making Magill Society gifts or pledge payments in order to accumulate additional priority points for the SEC Championship Game ticket allocation process.

Request Post Season Tickets

Additional information on bowl game ticket opportunities will be made available in the near future.

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