Job Opportunities

Internship Opportunity

The GAH internship runs from June 1st to May 31st of each year. Interested candidates should email Jessica Pope for more information.

Game Day Ambassadors

GAH Ambassadors play a vital role in the success of the football, basketball, gymnastic, and baseball programs, more specifically, the SkySuite, SkyClub, and Hospitality Room operations. The most fundamental responsibility of the GAH Ambassador is to represent the University of Georgia in a positive manner in all that they do, regardless of the specific job duties assigned. Ambassadors are to be of service to the SkySuite holders, SkyClub members, and guests to the university should they have questions, seek guidance, or require assistance.

There are approximately 60 team members, all of whom are students of the University of Georgia, and they are required to work all home games. Applications are accepted during the spring semester of each year and interviews begin in March. For more information and access to an application, please visit

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