Refer A GymDog

The Refer A GymDog program had been designed to reward our current donors for bringing new members to The Gymnastic Endowment Fund. With every dollar donated equaling one point in the GEF priority point structure, those cumulative points make a difference in the assignment of renewable season tickets.

750 The 2017 goal is 750 contributers

To ultimate goal is to build GymDog support to reach our goal of 750 GEF contributers; while further providing the very best resources to our dedicated young student-athletes, donors will have the ability to build additional points based on giving level of new donors they refer. 

The new donor must provide the existing donor’s account number at the time a donation is made. Submitting the existing donor’s account number can be done online, by calling The Georgia Bulldog Club and making a donation over the phone or can be submitted using the Refer A GymDog form found here.

The purchase of season tickets is not a requirement to donate to the Gymnastic Endowment Fund.

Annual Gift Level of New DonorPoint Credit Received by Existing Donors
$50–49920 Points
$500–749100 Points
$750–999150 Points
$1,000–2,499200 Points
$2,500 & Above500 Points
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