How many fans will be allowed to attend games at Sanford Stadium?

Sanford Stadium will be operating at approximately 20-25% capacity. All tickets will be available in blocks of 4 to maximize inventory and maintain social distancing measures.  This reduction is based off of 6′ social distancing throughout the seating bowl of Sanford Stadium

Why are 2020 UGA football season tickets no longer available?

Due to the reduced capacity, it is our goal to provide as many Hartman Fund donors, who have season tickets, with the opportunity to attend home game(s) this fall.

Do I have to participate in the single game request process?

Donors will have the option to opt-in or opt-out of the single game ticket request process.  Regardless of whether you opt-in or opt-out for 2020 ticket opportunities, you will be eligible to renew your previously established season ticket locations for the 2021 season.

Will I be able to sit in my same seats?

Due to reduced capacity and measures taken to provide physical distance between guests, donors will not be able to secure their exact seats for games this season.

How much will the single game tickets cost?

Single tickets will cost $150/ticket per-game. This includes a $75 ticket price and a $75 Hartman Fund contribution requirement. These costs will be deducted from any previously paid 2020 football season ticket payments and/or 2020 Hartman Fund contributions.

How will individual game ticket allocations be determined?

The UGA Ticket Office will be allocating tickets to each individual game based on cumulative TGBC priority points and availability. Ticket allocations for the 2020 modified season are subject to change on a game-by-game basis based on demand, priority and availability. Seat allocations will be socially distanced throughout Sanford Stadium in the 100, 200, 300 and 600 levels. This plan follows the same ticket allocation model that is used for away, neutral site, and postseason games.

The number of games in which you are eligible to qualify for will be based on your 2020 Hartman Fund annual giving level and/or involvement in the Magill Society, with projected opportunities for requests based on availability below:

Requesting tickets does not guarantee assignment.

When and how will 2020 football individual game tickets be delivered?

All 2020 football tickets will be delivered to those who are allocated seats via mobile delivery in September. Donors who previously elected to receive their football season tickets via mail will receive a $10 refund on the discounted shipping & handling fee for mobile delivery.


Season Ticket Payments and Hartman Fund Contribution Balances

Can I receive a refund on my 2020 Hartman Fund contribution and/or football season ticket purchase?

UGAAA will provide refund opportunities for 2020 Hartman Fund contributions, football season tickets and/or seatback costs before the end of the calendar year. 2020 football season ticket holders will be given the opportunity to convert any portion of their previously paid 2020 Hartman Fund contributions, football season tickets and/or seatback costs towards a charitable contribution benefiting the COVID-19 UGA Athletics Fund. In return, donors will receive triple priority points (3 priority points per $1 converted) and a gift receipt for tax filing purposes. Any refunded Hartman Fund contributions will be deducted from your cumulative TGBC priority point total.

Can I convert my previously paid Hartman Fund contributions, season ticket and/or seatbacks payments to a charitable contribution?

Donors can convert prior payments towards the COVID-19 UGA Athletics Fund.  As we navigate these uncertain times together, ticket purchases and donor contributions are crucial to sustaining UGA Athletics’ ability to provide resources for student-athletes to compete at an elite level, while remaining 100 percent self-supporting. Now more than ever, we hope you know how thankful we are for your vital support. We simply can’t do this without you.

In supporting this fund, you are directly impacting UGA Athletics’ ability to provide mission-critical resources to benefit the overall experience of our 550+ student-athletes, For more information, please visit

What are the benefits of maintaining my 2020 Hartman Fund contribution or converting my pro-rated Hartman Fund contribution and/or season ticket payment to the COVID-19 UGA Athletics Fund? 

Donors who convert any or all of their pro-rated Hartman Fund contribution and/or football season ticket or seatbacks payments towards the COVID-19 UGA Athletics Fund will not only receive a gift receipt for tax filing purposes, but will also receive triple (3X) priority points added to their account for future priority ticket and parking allocation benefits.

If I elect to receive a full refund on my 2020 Hartman Fund contribution and/or football season ticket purchase, will I still have the opportunity to renew my existing football season ticket locations and/or priority parking pass for next season?

UGAAA wants to ensure you are afforded the opportunity to do what is best for you and your family during this time. Please know that above all, your loyalty and trust is important to us. Therefore, season ticket holders who have renewed their season tickets, but decide not to attend any games in 2020 will have the option to renew existing football season ticket and/or priority parking pass locations for next season.

Am I able to rollover my 2020 Hartman Fund contribution and/or my 2020 football season ticket purchase to 2021?

Season ticket payments and/or Hartman Fund contributions are not eligible to be rolled over to the 2021 season.