It’s just what we do.

Throughout Georgia Athletics’ history, challenges have been met with the ‘Hunker Down’ mentality – when you’re in a tough spot, it requires a bit of extra grit.

Today, as we all share the national experience of unprecedented change and uncertainty, we must continue to do as we always have – stay focused, work hard, and Hunker Down.

We recognize that our world looks and feels different today. Our connections to one another are challenged by the distance that keeps us safe. In times such as these, it makes us all the more thankful for the incredibly proud and dedicated fanbase that is Bulldog Nation.

Though we may be 6 feet apart – we are in this together.

As it is for so many across our nation, the financial implications of COVID are distressing, and have forced significant changes to the University of Georgia Athletic Association budget, requiring us to operate at levels far below previous years’ standards of excellence. Modifications to the 2020 UGA Football season have greatly impacted ticket revenues and overall cashflow into our Athletic Department which have historically allowed it to be 100 percent self-sustaining.

Additionally, new financial needs have also presented themselves amidst the current climate. This led to the creation of the COVID-19 UGA Athletics Fund.

In supporting this fund, you are directly impacting UGA Athletics’ ability to provide mission-critical resources to benefit the overall experience of our 550+ student-athletes, including academic scholarships supporting student-athletes who have extended eligibility due to loss of season; the significant expenses related to testing, social-distancing measures, expanded sanitation and venue technology needed to keep our student-athletes, staff and fans safe in our facilities and at our events; changes in our academic support and recruiting processes that remain necessary as we continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic; as well as various student-athlete resources that ensure their mental and physical health remain strong in these challenging times.

Contributions to the COVID-19 UGA Athletics Fund can be made by converting entire or partial balance of your previously paid 2020 Hartman Fund contribution, season ticket or seat back purchase. In return, you will receive triple priority points (3 priority points per $1 converted) and a gift receipt for tax filing purposes.*

Now more than ever, we hope you know how thankful we are for your vital support. We simply can’t do this without you. Through these challenging times where we find ourselves incapable of predicting what the next month, day, or sometimes hour may bring, we ask that you stay with us so that we can continue to provide our student-athletes who represent the Red & Black with the opportunities, experiences and resources that we pride ourselves in delivering.

Bulldog Nation, we are beyond thankful for your commitment, passion and support toward the great successes that we know are just around the corner. We are grateful for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented and ever-changing time. Today, it’s clear that the landscape of college athletics is everchanging, and as we come together as Dawgs to Hunker Down as we always have, we ensure that our teams are equipped to succeed at the highest levels of competition in any forthcoming circumstance. We thank you for joining us in this commitment to uphold Georgia’s legacy of excellence as an elite-level program.


* In exchange for your gift(s) above and beyond your base, you receive TGBC priority points. According to section 170(I) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, “no deduction shall be allowed for any amount in which the taxpayer receives (directly or indirectly) as a result of paying such amount the right to purchase tickets for seating at an athletic event in an athletic stadium of such institution.” If section 170(I) does not apply, then we believe these priority points have nominal value. In all cases, we encourage you to consult your tax advisor to determine proper charitable contribution.