What is the deadline for 2024 Hartman Fund contributions and Season Ticket Applications/Renewals?

The deadline for both is April 1, 2024.  Please note that completing these two items will still be two separate transactions.

When and how will 2024 football season tickets be delivered?

All 2024 football tickets will be delivered via mobile delivery in August. Please note that mobile tickets are able to be transferred via email, as well as downloaded to a mobile phone so that Wi-Fi connectivity is not needed at the event venue. More information on this will be provided as the season approaches. With any further questions, please contact the UGA Athletics Ticket Office at 706-542- 1231.

How are away game football tickets allocated?

Away game ticket locations are dictated by the host school, and are allocated based on cumulative TGBC priority points, whereas the number of tickets that a member is eligible to request is based on either your 2024 Hartman Fund donation or your level of commitment within the Magill Society.

Are my Hartman Fund contributions tax deductible?

Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, no charitable deduction is allowed for amounts paid to the UGA Athletic Association after December 31, 2017 in exchange for the right to purchase season tickets for the University of Georgia home athletics events. Accordingly, in the absence of additional guidance from the Internal Revenue Service or the Department of Treasury, your seat-related contributions for home events are no longer tax-deductible. We recommend that you consult your tax advisor to determine the potential tax-deductibility for gifts made above and beyond your per-seat-related contributions.