Coaching Endowment

Commit to the G Forever

The goal of an endowed coaching or administrative position is to ensure success continues for Georgia student-athletes past, present and future.

Endowments are the critical bridge that connects legendary names like Dooley, Magill, Murphy, Butts, Yoculan, Stegeman and Landers to our emerging legends and rising champions like Haack, Diaz and Bauerle – to name just a few.

An endowed gift supplies the University of Georgia Athletic Association with a perpetual source of income that provides the resources needed to attract and retain the nation’s top athletes, coaches and administrators. These funds exist to meet the ongoing needs of UGA’s varsity sports, and in many ways are the lifeblood of the Georgia athletic programs. Often, the difference between an average program and one that aspires to excel at the national level is a well-supported athletic endowment. A donor electing to provide an endowed gift is making a commitment to leave a lasting legacy for Georgia Athletics.


There are many ways to establish an endowment for a coaching or administrative position, and the arrangements for every gift can be personalized to fit your specific needs. The cost of an endowed salary ranges from $500,000 to $5 million depending on the specific position. Gifts for coaching and administrative endowments must be made in cash or through securities. These gifts are 100% tax deductible and do not count towards ticket priority. The entire pledge must be donated in full to The Georgia Bulldog Club before any of the benefits can be provided to the donor.


For additional information about UGA Athletics Coaching and Administrative endowments please contact a The Georgia Bulldog Club staff member at 877-423-2947.

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