Current Season Ticket Holders

Current Season Ticket Holders will retain their same seat locations upon renewal of the $50 per seat donation and season ticket payment. GEF contributors wishing to relocate or add season tickets must make the necessary per seat contribution and season ticket payment to be eligible. Patrons may have a maximum of 8 season tickets on one account. Relocations are subject to availability and based on TGBC priority points during the Online Selection Process.

New Contributors to the GEF

New Contributors to the GEF interested in priority season tickets should make a minimum $50 per seat donation and season ticket payment prior to the deadline. A larger donation will increase priority points, providing more seating opportunities and annual benefits.

Seat Selection Process

All donations and season ticket requests will be due November 15. We utilize an interactive online Optional Seat Selection Process. This enables Gymnastics Excellence Fund donors to explore seat relocation via a web-based 3D map of Stegeman Coliseum, while also giving those who purchase new or additional season tickets the ability to personally selection the location of these seats.

To be considered for relocation, you must select “YES” when prompted on your online season ticket application. Everyone who opts-in to the process will receive an appointment time. All season ticket selections through this process will be based upon availability, your cumulative TGBC priority points total, and applicable GEF minimums being met.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I am participating to potentially relocate and/or add season tickets, am I required to move or add seat(s)?

No! If you login during your appointment time and do not see any desirable season ticket opportunities, you can exit the process and maintain your seat locations from the 2023 season. If you previously paid for additional season tickets and do not wish to add any of the available seats, you can either receive a refund of the cost of the season tickets or have it applied towards your Gymnastics Endowment Fund giving level for 2024. Donations are non-refundable.

  1. Do I have to participate in the seat selection process?

Should you wish to maintain the same seat location(s) and quantity of season tickets that you had for the 2023 season, you do not have to participate in the Optional Seat Selection Process. Note: UGAAA reserves the right to adjust seating locations to eliminate single seats in an effort to maximize seating capacity.

  1. What are my options if I am unavailable for my appointment time?

If you are unavailable at the time of your appointment, you may either login after your allotted time or you may entrust your seat selection to an individual of your choosing. Should your designee need persona assistance over the phone, or in-person, you will need to notify The Georgia Bulldog Club in writing ahead of time whom you have given authorization to make your selection.

  1. What happens if I miss my selection appointment time?

If you miss your time, you can login any time after your allotted time to make selections. Please note you will sacrifice your priority place in line if you miss your appointment time as others will be logging in for selection throughout the day.

Transferring Season Ticket Rights

An account, including the associated priority points, parking, and season tickets, may only be transferred one-time to a surviving spouse only at the time of death of the primary account holder.

An account, including the associated priority points, parking, and season tickets cannot be transferred by virtue of a will, trust, or other estate-planning document.

An account, including the associated priority points, parking, and season tickets can also be transferred one-time if one is a member of the Silver Circle.