Current Season Ticket Holders

Current Season Ticket Holders will retain their same seat locations upon renewal of the $50 per seat donation and season ticket payment. GEF contributors wishing to relocate or add season tickets must make the necessary per seat contribution and season ticket payment to be eligible. Patrons may have a maximum of 8 season tickets on one account and all relocation requests must be made in writing on the paper or online application. Relocations are subject to availability and based on TGBC priority points.

New Contributors to the GEF

New Contributors to the GEF interested in priority season tickets should make a minimum $50 per seat donation and season ticket payment prior to the deadlines. A larger donation will increase priority points, providing more seating opportunities and annual benefits.

Ticket Assignment

Ticket Assignment for renewing GEF contributors not requesting a relocation are assigned their same seat location. All other GEF contributors (new, as well as those who wish to add or relocate season tickets) are placed in priority point order, and assignments are based on availability.

Transferring Season Ticket Rights

Transferring Season Ticket Rights may only be conducted to a spouse at the time of death. Seating may not be passed from one account to another or willed to a friend or family member.