A gift to the Women’s Basketball Fund (WBF) provides an opportunity for UGA Athletics donors to provide significant annual impact to Georgia Women’s Basketball.

An annual gift to the WBF provides benefits such as membership in The Georgia Bulldog Club, opportunities for renewable season tickets, priority parking and postseason priority. Being a part of the WBF will further enhance the Stegeman Coliseum atmosphere, while also impacting the lives of Georgia Women’s Basketball student-athletes.

Message from Head Coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson

The No. 1 reason, and I’m going to repeat it, the No. 1 reason I coach is to empower young women — period.

Listen, we all love Georgia basketball, and we all love being Georgia Bulldogs, but no matter what, these are the young women that do it every day. These are the young women that go to work every day. These are the young women that have to go to classes every day. These are the young women that have to get good grades. They’re the ones that do it.

If we don’t have them and they don’t love this place, nobody up here has jobs. So I’m always going to make sure we empower them. That’s going to be the No. 1 goal. That’s what my staff’s goal all the time is to do, is to empower them and make them great.