Priority Seating

To be eligible to request renewable football season tickets, join The Georgia Bulldog Club by making a donation to the William C. Hartman, Jr. Fund prior to February 15, 2020. All Hartman Fund contributors will receive a season ticket application in early March. Season tickets are assigned after the season ticket application deadline of March 31, 2020 based on the following criteria:


Sanford Stadium was sold out for the 2019 season. Not knowing the attrition rates for 2020 until after the March 31st ticket order deadline, we cannot project the points necessary to obtain season tickets during the contribution period. All seats are subject to availability. Making a contribution to the Hartman Fund, at any level, does not guarantee you will receive season tickets.

Annual Contribution

As a first-time contributor, we encourage you to make a gift you are comfortable with to build your priority points. While each section in Sanford Stadium has a per-seat contribution associated with it, making that contribution does not guarantee you will receive seats in that section. The actual donation to obtain new season tickets may be higher than the per-seat contribution listed.