The opportunity to request single home game tickets is a benefit of contributing to the Hartman Fund.

You do not need to be a season ticket holder to qualify for single home game tickets. Hartman Fund donors are eligible to request single home game tickets based on their priority points and annual contribution.

Each game has a cumulative point total required to be eligible to request tickets. This is not a guarantee that anyone within these point totals will receive tickets if requested. Your Hartman Fund annual donation determines the quantity of tickets you are eligible to request.

Single home game tickets are assigned based on cumulative point total and availability and cannot be placed next to season tickets. For the 2024 season, requesting single game tickets or having received them in the past does not guarantee you will receive them.

The request for single home game tickets must be submitted prior to June 28, 2024. Requesting single home game tickets does not guarantee you will receive them. Once single home game tickets have been assigned, the Athletic Association will publish the cutoff scores following the allocation process. Contributors who were assigned single home game tickets will receive them via email delivery from the UGA Ticket Office, prior to the start of the season, separate from season tickets.