SEC Championship Game and bowl game seat allocations are determined based on Bulldog Club priority point totals whereas the number of tickets that donors may request is based on your 2022 Hartman Fund giving total and/or your Magill Society commitment as depicted in the chart below. A minimum of 70,000 cumulative TGBC priority points is necessary to be eligible to request SEC Championship tickets. A minimum of 100 cumulative TGBC priority points is necessary to be eligible to request bowl game tickets. Requesting tickets does not guarantee your order will be fulfilled, as requests are filled in priority point order until all inventory is exhausted.

wdt_ID '22 Hartman Fund Contribution Magill Society SEC Championship + Peach Bowl Fiesta Bowl + National Championship All Other Bowls
1 $10,000+ $100,000+ 6 6 8
2 $5,000-$9,999 $50,000-99,999 4 4 8
6 $100-4,999 $25,000–49,999 2 2 8
7 Total priority points necessary to be eligible to request N/A 70,000 30,000 100

*Your 2022 Hartman Fund gift or you Magill Society Commitment, whichever amount is greater as depicted in the chart, will determine your ticket allocation limit. Your seating location will be allocated based on your cumulative priority points total. Please feel free to contact The Georgia Bulldog Club at 706-542-9220 if you have any questions about your 2022 Hartman Fund giving and/or the Magill Society.

Past Postseason Cutoff Information

Cumulative priority point cutoffs for the SEC Championship as well as bowl games vary based on the number of tickets UGA receives as well as the total number of tickets requested by members of The Georgia Bulldog Club. Cutoffs from the 2021 SEC Championship as well as previous bowl game cutoffs are listed in the charts below.

SEC Championship

wdt_ID Club Lower Level Upper Level Regular Overall Cutoff
1 455,276 219,4967 76,155 64,536

Bowl Games

2022 National Championship 2022 Orange Bowl 2021 Peach Bowl wdt_ID 2020 Sugar Bowl 2019 Sugar Bowl 2018 National Championship 2018 Rose Bowl
27,450 60,100 No Cutoff 1 No Cutoff No Cutoff 12,172 34,400

Important Reminders

  • Priority points as of November 1 will be used for ticket allocations.
  • In order to provide ample opportunities and be consistent with home game policies, each account will have access to no more than 4 tickets in any club areas at neutral site venues. All additional tickets above and beyond 4 will be allocated based on priority in non-club areas at the same time.