Today, University of Georgia student-athletes have a tremendous championship tradition to uphold. They carry the spirit and the pride for all students, alumni and supporters of our great University.

Extraordinary athletic performances continue to stand out in our minds — grand moments of magnificent Bulldog victories. Often, it is Georgia’s student-athletes who create the first and most lasting impression of the University of Georgia. Student-athletes, men and women alike, represent the University of Georgia not only on athletic teams — which compete at a state, regional and national level — but also in classrooms across the campus. The tradition of athletic and academic excellence at the University is made possible by scholarships that provide these young people the opportunity to become successful, well-educated citizens, distinguished alumni and supporters of the University of Georgia.

Scholarships Allowed by the NCAA by Sport

These charts list varsity sports at the University of Georgia through which a donor may endow a scholarship. The list also notes the maximum number of NCAA Athletic scholarships an institution is allowed to offer.

The University of Georgia Athletic Association annually awards scholarships to approximately 600 student-athletes. These scholarships, which cover tuition, fees, room, board and books, cost the Athletic Association just over $11 million annually. With a little over 200 named scholarship endowments, that tuition bill is partially offset by the interest revenue generated by these endowments.

In addition, the University of Georgia Athletic Association awards the maximum number of scholarships per sport as allowed by the NCAA.

Scholarships are funded by the Athletic Association. Full costs of in-state and out-of-state tuition are paid by the Athletic Association — no University, state or federal revenues can be used. However, generous contributions from alumni and friends are relied upon to meet our scholarship funding requirements.

For more information, read about endowment opportunities and the benefits of giving.

A donor may endow a named scholarship for a University of Georgia student-athlete with a gift of $250,000. Although the donor cannot select specific scholarship recipients, he or she can designate his/her support to a specific sport

Benefits of Giving

Donors to the Athletic Association Endowment Program are among the Athletic Association’s most important supporters. Because the support of the Athletic Scholarship Endowment Program is over and above gifts to the William C. Hartman Fund, the Gymnastics Excellence Fund, and the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Funds, donors of full scholarships are recognized in special ways for their outstanding generosity:

  • The donor’s name is permanently associated with the scholarship endowment.
  • Recognition is provided in the Athletic Association and UGA Foundation publications.
  • The donor’s name will be placed on the Athletic Scholarship Endowment Program plaque, located in the Butts-Mehre Building.
  • The donor will receive an invitation to the annual scholarship endowment dinner.

The Athletic Association has a long-standing tradition of excellence because of the dedicated leadership of its coaches and administrators and the winning spirit exhibited by its student-athletes. Sharing in this heritage are the special alumni and friends who have given, at times sacrificially, to transform the dreams of aspiring UGA athletes into reality through scholarships.