Account Information

  • The Georgia Bulldog Club encourages every supporter of Georgia Athletics to establish and contribute on your own account, enabling receipt of benefits associated with the account.
  • The Georgia Bulldog Club requires an account to be listed under the name of an individual and not a company or family name. The Georgia Bulldog Club reserves the right to change the account names that do not comply with this policy.
  • Members may have a maximum of 8 season tickets on one account, with no more than 4 being assigned to the club level.
  • UGAAA reserves the right to cancel orders, void tickets, deny admission, and terminate season ticket accounts for violation of any policies of the UGAAA without notice. Please refer to the Zero Tolerance Policy on for more information.
  • UGAAA and The Georgia Bulldog reserve the right to adjust any seats to eliminate any single seats and/or create adjacent seating options in an effort to effectively maximize seating opportunities for donors.
  • All persons regardless of age must have a ticket to enter a University of Georgia athletic event that requires admission for entry.
  • Donations are non-refundable.

Account Transfer Policies

  • An account, including the associated priority points, parking, and season tickets, may only be transferred one-time to a surviving spouse only at the time of death of the primary account holder.
  • An account, including the associated priority points, parking, and season tickets cannot be transferred by virtue of a will, trust, or other estate-planning document.
  • An account, including the associated priority points, parking, and season tickets can also be transferred one-time if one is a member of the Silver Circle.

How are season tickets and priority points handles in the event of a divorce? 

  • As of 2020, The Georgia Bulldog Club has adopted the following divorce policy: In the event that a married couple, who jointly purchases season tickets, were to get divorced, couples have the opportunity to split season tickets and priority points into two separate accounts under each of the spouse’s names upon providing a court order divorce decree with details of the ticket and point split. If the allocation of the season tickets and points is not specifically address in a divorce decree, all priority points, season tickets, and parking amassed during marriage will remain under the original account holder’s name. This is a one-time account split, which must be completed after the divorce is finalized prior to the following season’s ticket renewal deadline.