What is the Magill Society?

The Magill Society is the leadership philanthropic arm of The Georgia Bulldog Club. Its members make commitments of $25,000 and above that are typically fulfilled over the course of five years.

Why should I join the Magill Society?

In order to excel in the toughest conference in the nation, we must continue to invest in facilities. Through the generosity of our loyal members, the Magill Society will help bring a first-class Indoor Athletics Facility to the University of Georgia, among other facilities.

What are the benefits of joining the Magill Society?

First and foremost, a gift to the Magill Society is a philanthropic donation that supports the mission of The Georgia Bulldog Club. In addition, Magill Society members gain access to various benefits.  These include invitations to exclusive events, Magill Society apparel, and gameday program recognition, among other things. Benefits at the higher levels include facility naming opportunities, pre-game sideline access for home football games, football away game travel, and more.  Please see the stewardship program for a complete list of benefits.    

Do I get priority points with my donation?

You have the option to accept or waive priority points (1.5 points for every dollar donated for pledges of $25,000-$99,999, 2 points for every dollar donated for pledges of $100,000 and above).  Points are awarded as the pledge payments are received.  

If I make a pledge to the Magill Society does that fulfill my Hartman Fund or other seating donations?

No. The Magill Society is above and beyond any existing donation requirements for seating and parking benefits. You will still have to fulfill your annual per-seat and parking donations.  

If I make a pledge, when and how do I contribute towards my pledge balance?

The Georgia Bulldog Club staff will work with you to create a donation schedule that works best for you.  Members can contribute towards their pledge monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Please note that only installments made towards your pledge will count towards your priority point total at the current point cutoff deadlines

If I join the Magill Society, am I a member for life?

No.  Magill Society membership is awarded for five years, whether you contribute the gift up front or take the entire five years to fulfill the pledge.  Members that join the Magill Society at the $1 million level and above will be stewarded at the highest level for the life of the pledge.  They will also be members of the Silver Circle, which gives them lifetime recognition in that program as well as the ability to transfer tickets and priority points.

Can I make a Magill Society donation through a donor advised fund, a community fund or a family foundation?

We welcome gifts from donor advised funds, community funds and family foundations. However, per IRS regulations, the donor is unable to accept the priority points if his/her donation is made from one of these funds. 

How do I join the Magill Society?

To join the Magill Society, please fill out and submit a commitment form.

Ford Williams
Associate Athletic Director for Major Gifts

Jon Burkett
Senior Director for Major Gifts

Brad Bell
Senior Director for Major Gifts

Travis Epling
Senior Director for Major Gifts

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