Magill Society Members

Thank you to all of our donors who have joined the Magill Society.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Abernathy
Mark and Becky Abrams
John and Loveanne Addison
Brad and Julie Akins
Mr. and Mrs. B. Allen Clardy Jr.
Jimmy and Kathy Allgood
Tommy C. Altman
Dr. and Mrs. Frank V. Aluisio and Family
Kay and Peter Amann Family
Paul and Courtney Amos
Dr. Greg and Lynda Lee Anderson
Bonneau Ansley III Family 
Gus Arrendale
Rich and Muffet Arroll
W. Scott Askew, III
Truman and Ruth Atkins
Michael Atkinson
Mrs. Martha Avery
Bardash Family
Craig and Annie Barrs
Ruth A. Bartlett
Stephen and Pamela Baynham
Clint & Missy Beckham
Brian and Anne Beckwith
Raymond Bradley Bedgood
Chris Belans
William and Katherine Bennett
Charlie Bethel and Lynsey Bethel
Brian Betzel
John and Lori Bisges
Howard Bissell III
Glenn and Nancy Black
Don B. Blackburn
Billy and Olivia Blanchard
Troy D. Bland
Richard Blumberg
Ted and Amy Bowers
Byron Braddy
Daniel Bradley Lord and Laura Lord
Howard and Beth Braver
The Brehm Family
Bob and Kristie Bridger
Jenny and Matt Brinkley
Vernon and Patricia Brinson and Family
Chess and Trisha Britt
Preston B. Brooks
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Brooks
Charles C. Brooks Jr.
Phil and Stephanie Brosseau
Jeff and Susie Brown
Sharon and Bill Brown
Ross Madison Brown
Owen and Cheryl Brown
Andrew and Laurie Brown
Terry S. and Lisa Brown
Johnny, Tonya Brown
John and Carrie Browne
Blake and Mary Catherine Bruce
Joe and Lucy Bruckner
Jake T. Bryant
J. Phil Buchanan
Robert S. Burgess
Gordon and Jennifer Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Burnett, Sr.
Dr. John and Laura Burney
Larry D Burns and Ann R Burns
Rhett and Andrea Burruss
Stanley Seth Bush, III and Jeana Gunn Bush
Marshall and Jane Butler
Marvin Lee Butts and Linda Anderson Butts
Tom and Kelly Call
Catherine and TJ Callaway
Drs. Matthew and Paige Camp
Joe and Laura Carden
Tim and Kelli Carlson
Kasey and Julie Carpenter
Stuart Carrington
Trey and Beth Carter Family
William N. and Constance S. Casey
David D. Chaffin
Keith and Julie Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chandler
Josh, Andrea, Jay, and Field Chapman
Tim and Leah Chapman
Runell and Michael Cheek
David and Gail Chester
Cecil and Bettye Cheves
Doug and Molly Childers
Abraham Kwon and Linda Cho
Bill and Robin Clark
Rich and Angela Clay
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Cleveland
Randy and Lynne Cobb
Kevin and Allison Cobb
Virginia Coleman and Perry W. Drosos
David and Charla Collings
Chad and Sabrina Collins
John Haber and Anna Collins
Steve and Ann Collins
Justin B. Connell
Michael Connor
Candler Cook
Cecil R. Cooke
John and Melanie Cooksey
Lary and Carleen Corry
Scott and Lisa Craig
Elizabeth and John H. Crawford, IV
Cruiser Crews
Anthony Criscione
Jacob and Tracie Crowe
The Crozier Family
John Wesley Culpepper
Robert W. Culpepper
Rosemary and Jack Culpepper
Larry and Sharon Cunningham
Tom and Patty Dailey
Steve and Brad Dailey
F. Thomas (Tommy) David
Brant Davis
Edsel and Shannon Davis
Read Davis
Jack and Joy Davis
Tony Davis Family
Paul Davis III
Jimmy Deloach Jr.
The Darren W. DeVore Family
Stehphen and Brandy Dew
Charlie and Lynne D'Huyvetter
The Dial Family
Michael E. Dickens
Marvin H. and Jacquelyn L. Dickey
Barry Dotson
Bill and Lisa Douglas
James R. and Nancy P. Dove
Jack and Elizabeth Draughon
Michael and Christine Drayer
Jeffrey and Leigh Duck
Marsh and Amanda Duncan
Jennifer and Gib Durden
Eric and Allender Durden
Steven Alan Durocher
Todd Dyer
Premier Elevator
Billy and Lee Espy
David and Kathy Ethridge
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Evert, Jr.
Stephen F. Fallon
J.M. Masters Family
Crider Family
Dr. Douglas P. and Patricia B. Farman
Victoria Pruitt Farmer
Rebecca and Leon Farmer III
Elizabeth and J.C. Faulkner
Scott Ferguson
John Ferguson
Dick and Susan Ferguson
Michael and Caroline Fierman
Scott and Missy Fitzgerald
Stephen A. Fleming
Ryan and Annie Fleming
Matt and Laura Fletcher
Toby Fletcher
Charles and Kathy Fletcher
Rick and Andrea Floyd
Frank and Libba Foley III 
William D. Fortson Jr. and Stephanie Ginn Fortson
Marie and Brad Foster
Kent Fountain
Joe D. Fowler
Shane Foye       Megan Foye
Justin and Anna Franklin
Michael and Kay Freeman
Richard Freeman
Allen and Nancy French
Deborah Gaffney
Nancy and Gavin Gallagher
Dr. Tracy and DeLynn Gay
Sid Gelernter
Karen and Andrew Ghertner
Kay and John Giaquinto
The Giddens Family
Edward and Kim Giles
Joey and Elaine Giles
Grif Glenn
Mr. and Mrs. William Goff
Barry W. Goolsby
​Austin Gower
Michael and Kim Gravitt
Thomas and Jessie Greene
C. William and Lynn Griffin
Chris and Jennifer Griffin
Danny and Tammy Griffin Family
Paxton Griffin
Kelly and Parker Grow
Aimee and Cort Haber
Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Elizabeth Haberman
John and Jennifer Hadden
John and Shelia Haire
Laura Halter and Nick Sardone
Drs. R. Scott and Jennifer Hannay
Travis Hannon
Brett and Shannon Hansen
Dr. Jason and Mrs. Chloe Harden
Patrick E. Hardie
Dr. and Mrs. Hardy Gordon Below- In Memory of Hugh Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Fran C. Hargarten III
Randall W. Hatcher
Mr. William D. Healan, III
Don and Barbara Hemrick
Doug and Lindsey Hene
Frank and Linda Henry
Laura and Kevin Herrin
James E. Hickey III
Charles and Leigh Hoke
Ben and Beth Holland
Monica and Randy Hollingsworth
William E. and Joelle N. Holman
Craig Holman
Samuel D. Holmes, Sr. Lobby- Laura and Sam Holmes
W.E. Honey
Wayne and Robin Hoover
Edwin W. Hortman, Jr.
Jay and Kim Howard
Marty and Lisa Howard
Chuck Hubbard and Jamie Hubbard
Jason E. Hudson
Rocky and Martha Huffman
Dr. Pat and Gail Hunnicutt
Mark and Teresa Hurt
Andy and Leanne Hussion
Pete and Gay Ibbotson
Kirby Ingram
Ken and Jody Jackson
Dr. Kerry Y. Jackson
Don and Teresa Jackson Family
Heath and Toni Jarrett
Mark and Delores Jennings
William and Kelly Jesel
Matthew and Christy Johns
Matthew and Jennifer Johnston
Andy Jones
Patrick and Kara Jones
David H. Jones
J Darryl and Susan Jones Family
Kirk and Martin Jones
Otis F. Jones, III and Gayle G. Jones
Sarah and Chuck Jordan
David B. Kahn Family
Andy and Brooke Kalinauskas
Steve and Sandra Keadle
Stiles A. Kellett, Jr.
Ken Kendrick
Allen and Kendra Kennedy
Simone and Trey Key
Ryan C. King
Dr. and Mrs. Sonny King
Kasey and Danielle Knight
Seth L. Knight III
Charlie and Kimberly Knox
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hardman Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Knox
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Knox, Jr.
Reid and Molly Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Koplin
Tom and Jan Lanier
Ann and Larry Laseter
​Ted Lavender
Keith and Charlene Law
Tommy and Susan Lawhorne
Chase and Courtney Lawrence
Bulldawg Illustrated-Cheri and Vance Leavy
Donald M. Leebern, Jr. and Donald M. Leebern, III
Bebe and Earl  Leonard
Dr. Todd and Rebecca Levin
David Limentani
James G. Lindley
Mimsy and Rusty Lindner
Duke and Tammy Lindsay
Lynn M. Locklair
Luther A. Lockwood II
Brian and Lara Long
David and Jody Long
J. Dan Lott
John and Dianne Lucht
Frank G. Lumpkin 
Mr. W. Leverett  Lunceford and Mrs. Meredith V. Lunceford 
Walter Lyons and Family
William R. Maddox, MD
Ashley T. Madray
Michael and Natalie Maffett
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Magill, III
James Douglas Magnus
Bill and Patty Major
Barry and Angie Major
Jeff and Leigh Ann Malcom
John and Frances Mangan
Edward and Rhonda Mark
Carol and Mike Marshall
Colin and Beth Martin
David and Christy Massey
Dean and Nicole Mathison
Matt and Chelsea Mautz
Dan and Crissy Mayer
Dr. Scott and Amy McDermott
Darryl and Terri McDonald
Joe and Lynn  McDonough
Joseph A. McEver, Doriann, Anthony, Ashley and Sutton
Lindsey and Rita McGarity
Dr. Robert and Penny McGuinn
Todd and Shannon McKenzie
Jack C. McKinney, II
John and Teresa McLean
Mr. and Mrs. William E. McLendon
McLendon Acres, Inc
Michael and Aimee McMillen
Ted and Catherine McMullan
John F. and Marilyn M. McMullan
Randy and Debbie Meade
Dr. Richard and Sherri Meaders
Bo and Sherry Means
Steve and Susan Middlebrooks
Bartley R. Miller
Joey and Jessica Miller
Seixas "Chad" Milner III and Wendi Milner
Kit and Melissa Mixon
Bert Mobley
Mark and Judy Mobley
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mobley
Anthony Karl Monico
Robert B. Moody III
Robert L. Moore
Amy Gaines Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Moorman
Chip and Jennifer Moree
Read and Terrie Morton
J.D. and Marie Mosely
Herrington Murray
C.V. Nalley IV
Street Nalley
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Napier
Eddie and Sara Neel
Robert L. Newsome III (Bob)
Elizabeth and Ben Newton
James Alvin Newton, Jr. 
Phil and Lisa Nichols
Graham and Gay Nicholson
Philip and Laney Nix
John and Rhonda O'Donnell
Charles R. Ogletree
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Orr
James Otwell-Andean Motor Company
Troy and Lauren Ovitsky
Wayne H. Pace
Rob and Katie Parel
Mr. and Mrs. Trey Paris
Taylor and Missy  Paris
Al and Cindy Parker
John and Kay Parker
Carl and Barbara  Parks
William Ry Patrick
The Peavy Family
William R. Peek
Sean and Katie Pennix
J. David and Toni T. Pesterfield
Hal Philipson
Terri and Gene Pitcher
Scott F. Plomgren
Kip and Tina Plowman 
Levi and Cindy Pollard
Benjamin Warren Pope
Tim and Kristin Pounds
Chad and Stephanie Powell
Dr. Zachary Powell
Julian and Kelly Price
Deane and Darryl Price Family
Thomas E. Prior
Matt and Baya Pruitt
Neil L. Pruitt, Jr.
Joseph B. Purcell
Neal and Lib Quirk
Rachel and Jarrett Rabe
Philip T. and Virginia M. Rabun
Danny and Denise Rampey
Sean G. and Patricia D. Randall
Errol Randolph
Paul Raulet
Larry and Tammy Reagin
Michael W.  Reese
Brad and Jen Register
The Reid Family
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Reynolds
Carl and Jimmy Rhodes
Scott Rhodes
Brian Rhodes
Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Riccardi
Nicholas P. and Tonya T. Rintye
Gregory and Barbara Rizzo
Bill and Susan Robbins
Pete Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. Andy Roddenbery
W. Ralph Rodgers, Jr.
Jamie M. and Michael Rogers
John and April Rooker
Pam and Craig Roper 
Charles and Teresa Ross
Jeff and Stacy Rothenberger
Don and Neva Rountree
David Smith and Karen Rowell
Daniel C. Royal, Jr.
Glen D. Rubin
Jay and Ida Russell
Robert and Patricia Russell
Louise and Brett Samsky
Charles W. Sanderlin Jr. , Tia Sanderlin MD
The Honorable Julia W Lumpkin Sando and Colonel Donald M Sando, US Army, Retired
Stan and Donna Sands 
Brian and Shelly Satisky
Ben Saunders
M & M Richard Saunders, Sr.
L. Arthur Schwartz, Jr. MD
Andy Scott
Robert and Cindy Scott
Thomas W. Scott III
The Seiler Family
Blake and Stepanie Selig
The Selig Family 
Abram and Cookie Serotta
Brant and Sheila Sharp
Bill and Rhonda Shearouse
Jim and Elizabeth Shelton Family
Mike Shepherd CPA and Betsy Shepherd
Mitch Sheppard
William J. Sheppard Family
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart R. Sherrill
Lisa Spain Short and Herbert J. Short
Sylvia Shortt
Dr. Michael and Jill Shuler
Billy and Bonney Shuman
Keith and Tiffaney Shurbutt
Todd Shutley and Darlene Shutley
Joe and Sally Sidwell
Elizabeth and David Sikes
Fred and Tricia Sims
Frank Sinkwich III
Stephen S. Sloan and Mollie Magill Sloan
Brandon and Jennifer Smith
David and Lisa Smith
Randy and Karen Smith
William D. Smith
Tye D. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Smith
John Holder Smith Jr. and Amy Stewart Smith
Lou and Georgia Sobh
Allison and Josh D. Solomon
Tony and Janice Spake
Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Sperduto
Kessel and Carol Stelling
Martha and Ed Stelling
Jerry L. Stephens
Danny and Beverly Sterling
Robert R. Stickel
Will Stolz
Beth and Barry Storey
Dan, Cindy and Betty Storey
Dale and Shelley Stortz
Brent Story
J. Yancey Stribling, Jr. and Family
John C. Strickland
Dennis H. Strickland
Chris and Sissa Sullivan
Vic Sullivan
George Summers
The Carl and Pat Swearingen Family
Forrest W. Sweat
Asa V. Swift
Becky Swift
George and Ann Swift Family Foundation, Inc.
Steven Swords DMD and Lacy Swords
Dr. Levi and Lindsey Takle
Timothy Elton Tallent and Stacy Byrd Tallent
Cully Talton
Fran Tarkenton
Robert and Alisa Tate Jr.
Taylor Auto Group-Rick Taylor
Derik Taylor
Terrell Family Foundation, PLAQUE for Lobby- John and Elinor Terrell
Dr. and Mrs. Carter Tharpe
David and Beth Thomas
Marty E. Thomas
Stephen Thombley
The Thompson Family
Mickey and Susan Thompson
Trey and Erin Thompson
Sterling and Cindy Thornton
Doug and Missy Thornton ('90) MacGinnitie
Robert and Pamela Threadgill and Family
Sam and Julie Tidwell
Matthew Gale Tolleson
Alan R. Tomblin
Ben M. Treen
Richard Lee Tucker
Jeff and Cathy Tucker
Brad and Sally Turner
Jimmy and Barbara Turner
Universal Forest Products, Inc.
Tom and Valerie Usilton
Valdosta Bulldog Club
Richard L. Valentine
Joseph Andrew Vance
Chuck and Brenda Vice
Charles J. Vickery
Mark Vincent
Thomas W. von Dohlen, MD, MBA
Josh B. Wages
James A. and June Walker
Carlton and Shannon Walstad
Lance and Jennifer Watson
Tony and Malinda Watts
Paul E. Weathington
G. Price Weaver, Jr.
John and Wendi Wells
Stephen and Susan Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Whalen
Mark and Roxanne Whitaker
Barry White
Franklin and Elizabeth Whitworth
Ashleigh Rhodes Wilder
Tom and Susan Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. Ridley Williams
Doug and Dianne Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Williams, Jr.
Robert Ford Willis III
Christopher and Stacey Wilson
Abby and Matt Wilson
Merelise and Chris Wilson
Fran and Terry Wingfield, Jr.
Billy Wolfe
Bradley P. Wood
David and Debra Wood
Joe and Cathy Wood, Jr.
Jeff and Nancy Woodman
Mike and Carolyn Wright
John and Lyn Wright
Dee and Molly Yancey
Daniel and Julie Yates
Danny and Lois Yates
Becky and Howard Young
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Young, Jr.

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