Priority Points

The Hartman Fund is the membership and ticket priority program for the sport of football. Only gifts to the Hartman Fund build a contributors priority points for any ticketing or parking requests associated with football.

The Georgia Bulldog Club donors will have until March 31, 2018 to build their point totals for use in the seating and parking allocations for the 2018 football season. 

Hartman Fund Priority Points are used by The Georgia Bulldog Club in the following situations:

Priority points are cumulative. Each year you contribute you accumulate points.

Awarding Priority Points for Sport-Specific and Endowment Giving

Historically speaking, The Georgia Bulldog Club (TGBC) has awarded priority points based on cash gifts to the Hartman Fund, Basketball Enhancement Fund, Gymnastics Endowment Fund, and the Georgia Baseball Fund. Donors who have made Magill Society commitments have also been eligible to receive priority points based on pledge payments received whereas sport-specific and endowment gifts have not been eligible to receive priority points. Points for sport-specific and endowment gifts will receive 1 point per dollar given.

Moving forward, TGBC will award priority points for sport-specific and endowment gifts beginning on January 1, 2018. While these gifts will not be applicable towards the minimum per-seat requirement for any of the four annual priority seating funds, donors will be eligible to receive priority points that could be applied to your overall priority points total, if desired. Any sport-specific or endowment gift made on January 1, 2018 or beyond will be eligible to receive priority points. Priority points for these types of gifts will be updated at the end of each month beginning on March 31, 2018 prior to the football seating allocation process.


The Georgia Bulldog Club Priority Points Total

In order to better recognize UGA Athletics Association supporters and to improve overall fairness and equity in the allocation of priority benefits, TGBC will be combining priority point totals from each of our four existing annual priority seating funds as well as priority points accumulated from sport-specific, endowment giving, and Magill Society contributions into one overall priority points total. This enhancement, which will go into effect March 31, 2018, will enable TGBC to accurately and deservingly recognize donors for your total involvement with UGA Athletics.

Donors who contribute to multiple annual priority seating funds, make sport-specific, endowment and/ or Magill Society gifts will now be recognized and awarded priority points for contributions to each of these areas under one total priority points score. This cumulative priority points total will be used for priority seat and parking allocations for all ticketed sports.

For example: A donor that has 2,000 Hartman Fund priority points, 1,500 Basketball Enhancement Fund priority points, 1,750 Gymnastics Endowment Fund priority points, and 1,000 Georgia Baseball Fund priority points would now have a cumulative priority point total of 6,250.

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