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Safety Dominick Sanders returns an interception for gain against Kentucky

The Hartman Fund is the membership and ticket priority program for the sport of football. Only gifts to the Hartman Fund build a contributors priority points for any ticketing or parking requests associated with football.

Patrons have until the Hartman Fund deadline of February 15, 2016 to build their points for the 2016 season.

Hartman Fund Priority Points are used by The Georgia Bulldog Club in the following situations:

William C. Hartman Jr. Fund Estimated Ranks

This table of 2015 Hartman Fund donors is presented as a guide to gain a better understanding of where a contributor may fall in rank order. Contributors may build their points, subsequently increasing their rank for the 2016 season, until the priority deadline of February 15, 2016. Point totals will vary for the 2016 season depending on the gifts received by February 15, 2016.

This table is offered as a guide to help you gain a better understanding of the point system and where you may rank within that system.

PointsRankApprox. # of Donors
76,000Top 5%700
52,000Top 10%1,400
35,000Top 20%2,800
26,000Top 30%4,200
21,000Top 40%5,600
16,000Top 50%7,000
13,000Top 60%8,400
10,500Top 70%9,800
7,500Top 80%11,150
4,850Top 90%12,550

Patrons looking to receive new season tickets/parking, additional season tickets or relocate their current season tickets/parking should keep in mind contributors who held season tickets/parking for the 2015 season will retain them upon renewal regardless of priority points. 

What to Know About Priority Points

If You Held Football Season Tickets Last Year

Priority points are cumulative. Each year you contribute you accumulate points.

If You Did Not Hold Football Season Tickets Last Year

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