Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not planning to be in town during the official SkySuite Stocking Day (or Clean-Out)?

Stocking Day is the Friday prior to each home football game Saturday. Simply call the Georgia Athletic Hospitality office and set up an appointment to access your SkySuite at a time that is convenient for you! You may also authorize entry to your SkySuite for a designated individual. Call the Georgia Athletic Hospitality office and they will be pleased to unlock your SkySuite and/or cabinet for that person.

I would like my beverages iced down before we arrive on game day. Can you do that?

We are happy to ice down beverages on game days in a personal cooler that you provide. Simply notify the Georgia Athletic Hospitality office of your request prior to Stocking Day. The Georgia Athletic Hospitality Assistant can be reached at or (706)542-2156.

How early may I get into Sanford Stadium on game day? How late after the game may I stay?

The gates to Sanford Stadium, including the SkySuites, SkyClub, Champion’s Club, and Locker Room Lounge, open 2 hours prior to kickoff. The SkySuites remain open for 1 hour after the game.

Why is it so hot in my suite?

Before gate opening, your SkySuite thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature. If you choose to have your windows opened, it is difficult to control the temperature in your SkySuite at that point.

We want to celebrate someone’s birthday or a special occasion on game day. Can you help us?

Certainly! If you’re looking for balloons, flowers, a cake, or anything else special, just give us a call. We’re happy to help make it happen!

Can I personalize my SkySuite?

We would love for you to make your SkySuite feel like an extension of your home; however, if you would like to hang any items on the wall, please contact the Georgia Athletic Hospitality office so we can make proper arrangements with our facilities staff. All SkySuite modifications must be approved by Georgia Athletic Hospitality and the UGA Athletic Association, per the terms of the SkySuite License Agreement. 

Can I smoke in the SkySuite, SkyClub, Champion's Club, or the Locker Room Lounge?

No, Sanford Stadium is a smoke-free facility.

Are children allowed in the SkySuites, SkyClub, Champion's Club, or the Locker Room Lounge?

Yes, children are a part of the Georgia family experience and are welcomed in any of the premium seating areas with a valid ticket. Please note that children must be supervised at all times.

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