Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not planning to be in town during the official SkySuite stocking (or clean-out) times?

Simply call the Georgia Athletic Hospitality office and set up an appointment to access your SkySuite at a time that is convenient for you! You may also authorize entry to your SkySuite for a designated individual. Call the GAH office to notify us, and we will be pleased to unlock your SkySuite and/or cabinet for that person.

I would like my beverages iced down before we arrive on game day. Can you do that?

We are happy to ice down beverages on game days in a personal cooler that you provide. Simply notify our office of your request before the end of SkySuite stocking on the day prior to the game.

How early may I get into my SkySuite on game day? How late after the game may I stay?

The SkySuites open 2 hours prior to kickoff, and will remain open for 1 hour after the game.

Why is it so hot in my suite?

Before gate opening, your SkySuite thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature. If you choose to have your windows opened, it is difficult to control the temperature in your SkySuite at that point.

We want to celebrate someone’s birthday or a special occasion on game day. Can you help us?

Certainly! If you’re looking for balloons, flowers, a cake, or anything else special, just give us a call. We’re happy to help make it happen!

Can I personalize my SkySuite?

We would love for you to make your SkySuite feel like an extension of your home; however, if you would like to hang any items on the wall, please contact the Georgia Athletic Hospitality office so we can make proper arrangements with our facilities staff.

Can I smoke in my SkySuite?

Sanford Stadium is a smoke-free facility.

Are children allowed in the SkySuites?

Yes, children are a part of the Georgia family experience and are welcomed in the SkySuites. Please note that children must be supervised at all times.

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