Frequently Asked Questions

Your gifts to The Georgia Bulldog Club through the Hartman Fund provide essential support to the following areas that are vital to not only the continued operational health of the UGA Athletic Association, but also the enrichment of the student-athlete experience at the University of Georgia: student-athlete scholarships, academic support, training & nutrition, travel assistance, recruiting, equipment upgrades, cost-of-attendance, and other budget relieving expenses.  With your continued support, we are able to address our priorities and impact our program in an immediate and positive way.

How will tax reform legislation impact my Hartman Fund gift to The Georgia Bulldog Club? 

While the ultimate impact of the legislation is uncertain, we believe the proposed new law is likely to diminish or eliminate the tax benefit of ticket-related per-seat contributions to the Hartman Fund. 

Can I prepay my Hartman Fund membership and/or gifts to the Basketball Enhancement Fund (BEF), Gymnastics Endowment Fund (GEF) or the Georgia Baseball Fund (GBF) for future years?

Yes. You may prepay contributions for future years by December 31, 2017 with a tax-deductible gift pursuant to current law. If, however, per-seat gift requirements were to change in future years, you would be liable to make up the difference to cover any newly established minimum per-seat requirement associated with your season tickets in order to maintain those seats. Please contact The Georgia Bulldog Club office at 877-GA-DAWGS if you want to pay it forward for years beyond 2018.

How should I notify TGBC of my intentions to allocate money to future years?

Please contact The Georgia Bulldog Club office at 877-GA-DAWGS or via email at at the time your gift is made if you want to pay it forward for years beyond 2018. This will help to ensure accurate reporting on gift and tax receipts.

If I make gifts in calendar year 2017 for future years, when will I receive the priority points for my gifts?

You will receive the priority points associated with any future year per-seat related gifts in the year in which the gift is designated. (IE: If you made a $10,000 Hartman Fund gift in December of 2017 for priority seating related benefits for 2018-2021, you will receive 2,500 points in 2018, 2,500 points in 2019, 2,500 points in 2020, and 2,500 points in 2021.) 

Can I prepay my Magill Society pledge commitment?

Yes. Although it is our understanding that Magill Society contributions will not be impacted by the impending legislation, you can prepay Magill Society pledge payments. Priority points related to Magill Society pledge payments are allocated upon receipt of each gift installment.

When will we know the outcome of this potential legislation?

Ultimately, this will depend on the legislative process/timeline, which can vary based on a variety of factors, but the current administration has indicated their goal for a vote on the bill is prior to the end of the calendar year.

How will per-seat donations be affected this year should this legislation pass?

Should this legislation pass in its current form, per-seat donations will no longer be 80% tax-deductible, effective as early as January 1, 2018.

Will per-seat donations be required in future years should this legislation pass?

We are currently working in conjunction with the University and our colleagues around the country to better understand how we can maximize the tax benefits for TGBC donors who make gifts for parking and ticketing benefits in future years. We are assessing the situation, analyzing the potential impact, and discussing how to move forward should this legislation become law. Once we know the exact language and implications of any legislation enacted, we will be sure to provide an update on our plans moving forward. We expect to continue a donor priority seating model moving forward.

What if I have already paid my per-seat related Hartman Fund donation for the 2018 season or beyond? Will it be tax-deductible?

Our current understanding is that any potential changes would impact per-seat donations made during calendar year 2018 and beyond and that gifts made during the 2017 calendar year would not be impacted. With that being said, we will not know the final impact until any potential legislation is passed.

When does my gift need to be made in order to count in 2017?

Any gifts made via phone, online or in-person at the Georgia Bulldog Club office or via mail postmarked by December 31, 2017 will be considered by the IRS under the current tax code, which allows for a portion of gifts to TGBC to be deducted. Our offices will be set up to accept gifts Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. through December 29. The Georgia Bulldog Club office will be closed December 25 & 26.

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