1st and 10

This year we are asking you to help us “move the chains” by participating in the William C. Hartman Jr. Fund’s “1st and 10 Campaign”.

UGA student-athletes give 110% in competition, in the classroom, and in the community. We hope that you will join them by adding an extra 10% to your 2019 Hartman Fund contribution.

Any renewing Hartman Fund donor who participates in the 1st and 10 Campaign by giving 110% will receive the following benefits:

Participation in the 1st and 10 Campaign is simple and easy to do. For example, Hairy Dawg donated $550 to the Hartman Fund in 2018. To be eligible for the 1st and 10 Campaign, his donation would need to be at least $605 for 2019.

We have made a commitment to our student-athletes, as well as to you, our fans and supporters, to provide every UGA student-athlete with the best possible experience in classroom and on the field of play. The primary resource responsible for meeting these critical needs are funds generated by supporters of The Georgia Bulldog Club through the Hartman Fund.

Every donation, big or small, makes a difference. Please consider participating in the 1st and 10 Campaign today by giving 110% towards the Hartman Fund in 2019 today!

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Priority Seating

To be eligible to request renewable football season tickets, join The Georgia Bulldog Club by making a donation to the William C. Hartman, Jr. Fund prior to February 15, 2019. All Hartman Fund contributors will receive a season ticket application in early March. Season tickets are assigned after the season ticket application deadline of March 31, 2019 based on the following criteria:


Sanford Stadium was sold out for the 2018 season. Not knowing the attrition rates for 2019 until after the March 31st ticket order deadline, we cannot project the points necessary to obtain season tickets during the contribution period. All seats are subject to availability. Making a contribution to the Hartman Fund, at any level, does not guarantee you will receive season tickets.

Annual Contribution

As a first time contributor, we encourage you to make a gift you are comfortable with to build your priority points. While each section in Sanford Stadium has a per seat contribution associated with it, making that contribution does not guarantee you will receive seats in that section. The actual donation to obtain new season tickets may be higher than the per seat contribution listed.


Priority Points

All Hartman Fund contributors are put in rank order based on their priority points. Relocation requests, assignment of additional seats as well as assignment of new seats are made in rank order. Current season ticket holders will retain their same seats upon renewal, regardless of their priority points.

Making a contribution does not guarantee you will receive season tickets. However, each year you contribute you acquire priority points, which will increase your chances of obtaining season tickets the following season. For the 2018 season, the cumulative score to receive two new renewable season tickets was 23,900 points. Score requirements fluctuate each year based on availability and demand.

On one priority account you can request up to 8 season tickets with no more than 4 being assigned in the various club areas. 

If your priority points do not qualify for season tickets you will be issued a refund check for your season ticket payment in July. 

When considering a gift to the Hartman Fund, examine the annual giving benefits chart. The annual giving benefits chart includes such opportunities as home season parking and Georgia/Florida game parking.

In addition, please consider the single home game and away game ticket charts. Single Home Game tickets and Away Game tickets are a benefit of being a Hartman Fund contributor. You do not need to be a season ticket holder to qualify for single home game and away game tickets. The opportunity to purchase single and away game tickets is the benefit of being a Hartman Fund contributor. You do not need to be a season ticket holder to qualify for single and away game tickets.

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