Ticket Application FAQs

What is the deadline to submit my ticket application?

All current-year donors to the William C. Hartman, Jr. Fund receive ticket applications. The deadline to submit those applications is March 31st each year.

What is the cost of season tickets for the 2017 Georgia Football season?

With six home games this year, the cost for one Georgia Football season ticket package is $270 regardless of your seat location. Away game ticket prices are set by the various host universities.

What is the difference between renewable and non-renewable season tickets?

Once you are assigned renewable season tickets in Sanford Stadium, you are permitted to retain those exact seats as long as you meet your annual base donation. We provide the option to request non-renewable season tickets to our donors in an effort to provide extra seating to donors before the general public. After renewable season ticket assignments are made, any remaining available season tickets can be purchased by Hartman Fund donors as “non-renewables.” Assignment of non-renewables is addressed in priority point order and fulfilled based on availability.

If you receive non-renewables in a given year, there is no guarantee those same seats will be available to you the following year.

Should I submit the ticket application online or through the mail?

Submitting online is the quickest way to complete your Georgia Football season ticket application. Once your application is complete, your requests are immediately populated into our database. Submitting a ticket application in person or through the mail is also accepted.

How do I relocate my seats?

All Hartman Fund donors with an annual donation of $250 or higher have the ability to request renewable season tickets. If you wish to relocate your seats, you may make your request in the comments box located on your online ticket application or on the physical ticket application, which is mailed early March. PLEASE NOTE: relocation requests are addressed in priority point order and fulfilled based on availability. You will retain your previous year’s seating location is we are unable to fulfill your request.

Also please note various sections throughout the stadium have different per-seat donation minimums. If you desire to request a section with a higher per-seat donation than your current section, the required minimum donation must be met to be eligible for assignment. Further information on per-seat minimum requirements can be found here.

Am I able to request better away game or Georgia/Florida seats?

Away game and Georgia Florida ticket requests can be made on your online ticket application or the physical ticket application. We cannot guarantee a request will be fulfilled, as assignments are addressed in priority point order and fulfilled based on availability. PLEASE NOTE: UGA receives a very limited number of lower level seats in most SEC stadiums. The location of seats UGA receives from another SEC school is strictly based on what they provide as visitor seating.

Am I able to request a change in parking?

All Hartman Fund donors at the $2,500 annual level and above receive parking through The Georgia Bulldog Club. Similar to season tickets, you are able to request a home parking relocation. The parking relocation requests are addressed in priority point order and fulfilled based on availability.

When are tickets assigned?

The Georgia Bulldog Club and the UGA Ticket Office begin work on football ticket assignments after the March 31st ticket application deadline. The announcement of ticket assignments is typically made in June via a press release on georgiadogs.com. At that time, donors are able to login to their online account and view their seat location.

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